Norad Tracks Santa Wiki
Vital statistics
Type Country
Believe O meter Medium-low.
Location Eastern China
Inhabitants 1,347,350,000

China is a huge stop for Santa because he has to visit so many houses! He also passes the Great Wall of China which he loves to pass. When he passes China, you will be able to view a video. There are a higher amount of believers in the cities on the eastern side of China like Beijing. He also has many towns and cities to do there. It can take him about four minutes in Hong Kong. After he leaves there, he will head north to the Great Wall of China which he will follow, it's one of Santa's favorite places to see. Then once he has done the great wall, he will head up to Mongolia and then to Russia.

China also has the world's highest population which is over 1 billion and even though the Believe O Meter is at Medium-Low, he still has so many houses to go to. It's about equal to United States Of America, Russia and Canada.