Norad Tracks Santa Wiki

Santa does not work alone.

You see, it is quite hard to deliver presents to every child in the world in just one night. That's where the elves come in. Elves are little people with pointy ears that help Santa. Some say elves look like children, some say they look like manly short people. It is uncertain. The elves help Santa in many ways. They make the toys, prepare the sled, and help him check the list and watch the children, So Santa can deliver all the presents. They also help mine the coal. They do everything to help Santa get ready for Christmas. 

He has many elves and their names include: Mini,Daffy and Charity.

Elf trivia and Rumors:[]

  • Elves have a longer life spam than humans.
  • The first toy truck was invented by a elf who showed Santa it.

Some elves doing their daily duties