Norad Tracks Santa Wiki
United Arab Emirates
Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Believe O meter High In some places (Low In others) In all; Medium
Location Middle East
Inhabitants 8,264,070

United Arab Emirates is a Middle eastern country that is very wealthy due to oil.  Many peolpe from The United States Of America have moved here. 

Santa didn't start going here until 1963 when it was formed and only had 90,000 people and in the last 5 years, it has gone up by 50%. Santa loves to see the big cities like Dubai which is very rich and has a high amount of believers because lots of people live here. Many from other countries such as ones with a high amount of believers, other unpopulated places are low because of their tradition, he also sometimes like to see the rich oil. 

After leaving he will go to Saudi Arabia and up to Turkey so he can get a head start.