Norad Tracks Santa Wiki
United Kingdom
Vital statistics
Type Country
Believe O meter High
Location Northern Europe
Inhabitants 62,262,000

 The United Kingdom is one of Santa's bigger stops. Always likes to visit here. With roughly 62,262,000 people Santa definitely has to take his time there. There is snow which he likes so much he usually spends a lot of time there. People believe in him and I mean a lot! Some people believe in him. He tends to spend about 4 more minutes than the rest of the other countries, this is most likely not true though.

London is where many believers can be found. Outer England and especially Northern United Kingdom have less believers than Souther England; big cities are also known to attract for believers in this country.

London also is a beautiful city that Santa cannot wait to visit. He likes to ride by the houses, Britian is one of the last places he goes before crossing over to South America. After the UK he'll go west. To Iceland and Ireland.