Norad Tracks Santa Wiki
Vital statistics
Type Country
Believe O meter Very High
Location South of Canada and north of Mexico
Inhabitants Over 300 million.

Santa loves to go to the USA! (United States of America) (Us) (United States) 

The bright lights of the big apple, the beautiful mountains, the flat land plains and the nice sandy beaches. America loves Christmas! All of the children love to hear stories and talk about Santa Claus! They sing songs and make Christmas Lists and wait to see if they have been naughty or nice! Santa Claus is very famous in America, and America believes in Santa strongly!

But America is one of his biggest stops; like Canada many people believe in Santa here but the large population makes it hard. New York can take Santa a really long time, rumor has it he has had to come back threee times once. He also makes many stops in the South. Florida can be long too. One of Santa's longest stops is California, where you may see him but it is very unlikely.

Many children grow up believing in Santa and still do in their adult age though there are also many disbelievers. Disbelievers tell all of their friends, but their friends don't believe them. Christmas is a big holiday for America.

Santa starts in America in Flordia then going up the east coast to places like New York City and Atlanta. Then he will work on central America (In between he will be also going from Canada and Mexico) then he will come down from Canada again and work on the west coast such as Seattle and San Francisco. Once done with them he'll go up to Alaska and then cross the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii then will end his trip going back up to the North Pole to see Mrs.Clause . 


  • This is thought to be Santa's biggest stop because of its high amount of believers